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Salon Shampoo Bowl Hair Trap

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Universal Catch-All Professional Hair Trap eliminates clogged drains by stopping hair from going into the plumbing. This trap has a larger catch area and it is very easy to clean as well. It protects against lost jewelry, and other valuables with the internal screen. The filter will stop hairpins, stir sticks, tissue paper, hair and other small items from clogging your drains. Quick and easy-to-install. It is made from durable heavy-duty PVC pipe.


  • Extra-Large Catch-All Hair Trap For Salon Shampoo Bowls
  • Internal Dual Screens for Extra Protection
  • Eliminates Clogging Drains & Protects Against Lost Jewelry
  • Stops Hair From Going Into Plumbing and Causing Costly Pluming Bills